Thursday, 30 July 2009

Working towards a show

I have put up another icon. I have arranged to do a show in Llandudno with Angel Light, a Mind, Body and Spirit fair. It should be interesting, as I have never sold at a Spirit fair before. So..... my little icons / Shrines will introduced to the public there and I can gauge how they might do in a wider market... maybe.
Any comments appreciated.
Celtic Jackdaw

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

After Gloucester

Having been away for five days R&R I feel a little better physically but rather flat.. but ...getting back into making my icon/ shrines. I think its the discipline of having to work within the boundaries of the four by six frame that gives more ideas than having free reigns with a bigger area to work with. I already am getting more and more ideas for new "twists" for the fetish / shrine images. I should have another two ready in a few days and will put them up for display. Whether or not I will ever sell them is a moot point, but.. I can hope. I guess its the right place at the right time.


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Angel Feather

Photographing gold leaf & foils is a pain. The image seems to "burn out" very easily. here is Angel feather, with a small white feather caught in a small glass tube. Feeling better today. Not so depressed, tho it is a bit sad clearing out the studio, but, these shrines / icons can be made at home, so there is an up-side. Off this morning to deliver the two commissions. Nice.
Life or the PT.B. are pointing me in another direction than that which I thought I should go. It may be a bumpy ride, but it will not be boring.

Monday, 20 July 2009

The closing down of the studio.

Post heart attack, I now do not have the physical energy to continue working in the studio. I had hopoed when I took on the place, it would allow me to create lots of saleable items. Now, my body has spoken, and against that, there is no gainsay. So. At the end of August I am to retire. End Of Foiled Again. End of Jackdaw Crafts. I feel very sad about this. Just as my ideas were being made a reality, ZAP!
I will continue to make the little shrines, but the main money earner, the mirrors will have to stop. I cannot keep paying for the place and not get work done and paid for.

I will keep on with the Blog though. Will stop now for the night.
Good night.


Saturday, 18 July 2009

God of Potent Males

Finally found the best way to photograph the icons/shrines.... remove glass, put on the table and photograph with digital camera with light from window coming over my shoulder. I am also now on Live Journal as celtic_jackdaw. Not too sure if this be a good thing or a distraction. Several more Shrines in the "pipeline" and now I can take a decent image and upload it to my web pages ( yet incomplete ) I feel a lot more confident about getting around to selling on Ebay, one I sort out postal charges and whether it's worth the hassle of selling tho the USA, the customs charges are really high and there is no kind of registered post that I can find. More work yet. Sort out the UK postal charges and think about the European market.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I was going to the studio, but........

Yesterday, I did leave the flat and started to go to the studio, but there were some faint warnings of an ache in the chest and shortness of breath. So I turned around and went home. Two sprays of nitro Glycerine under the tongue and took the rest of the day easily. Felt better. Some good came about with enforced rest because I finished the "God of Male Potency". If this weather improves and it gets lighter, I will put up the picture here. As it is, its Monsoon time in North Wales. I may yet stay at home and do some more work on the dining room table.

Slight revisions.

It seems I am underestimating the time and work. I shall ask £35.00 for each "Shrine". Any coments on this please tell me.

I found a way to photograph the Shrines without getting distracting reflections. Take a photgraph before the glass is put in. Works OK

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The God of Words Shrine

Well, I finally got some expensive Lithium batteries for my digital camera and took a picture of "The God of Words" shrine. Lighting and avoiding reflections was difficult as there is a diagonal reflection cutting across the image. But.. it does give an idea of the thing. It measures 4" X 6 " and is a companion piece for the previous image. Both are commissions. I have a few more speculative designs already half made and will do some more if they sell ...and .... ( big breath )... try to sell on Ebay. They are thirty pounds each and I think I am going to need advice, tho I remember seeing a "Idiots guide to Ebay" or something similar in the Library / Bookshop.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Small shrine

I have uploaded one of my commissions for a small 4 X 6 inch shrine. There is another to be photographed and scanned, but the camera batteries are rubbish. I may try so of those Lithium batteries. I have yet to start on the Fetish shrines. Which are NOT always sexual, but a kind of obsessive drive made tangible. I appologise for the fuzzynes of the image.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Saturday, a small gentle re-start

Off to the studio to do a bit of tinkering and light work. I tried to do some work at home but, as all of my tools are in the studio, plus most of the materials, it was fruitless. Feeling a lot better but pacing myself. I took delivery of forty small 6 by 4 inch frames with glass and backing, so my shrines and fetish objects can now steam ahead. Whether anyone will buy them....s'nother matter. No more heart problems and off the beta blockers, as my pulse rate and blood pressure were way too low. I must order some more premo. Wonderfull stuff.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I shall be off for a bit as I had a heart attck on Friday morning and need a break.
Sort of.