Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Magician Fetish Shrine

I decided to put the image of "The Magician" up, even though I was concerned that some folks might have a hissy fit if they saw an image with a penis, even though most males have them. Apart from that, I like this one the most of my icons and Shrines. Loki is comming along well and "He" is proving the most difficult to "pin down", which of course is only to expected in a trickster God. But it works, even now before the glue is dried, I think its going to be OK. I am thinking of getting the Icons photographed proffessional, but the costing is worry me a bit and there is that reflection problem from the glass.
On with Loki, "The Head of Bran the Blessed to follow I think. The Mabingian is a rich and wonderful sourse of inspiration.

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