Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Small shrine

I have uploaded one of my commissions for a small 4 X 6 inch shrine. There is another to be photographed and scanned, but the camera batteries are rubbish. I may try so of those Lithium batteries. I have yet to start on the Fetish shrines. Which are NOT always sexual, but a kind of obsessive drive made tangible. I appologise for the fuzzynes of the image.


  1. What kind of price would something like that get sold for, out of interest?


  2. Sorry, these two shrine/icons are commissions which are sold, but I can do something similar for £35.00 which includes post and packaging. Do you have my email address, you could ask Jani if not, or I can phone Jani and ask. I will keep showing new stuff here, until I can get my Web site up and running, I have been a bit busy of late, dodging the Grim Reaper. I am feeling a lot better now though.