Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The beginning of Foiled Again.

Well, this is the first ever blog I have done, so.........this was written yesterday.

The studio took a lot of asking around, both in Llandudno and Rhos on Sea, it was found by asking everybody I knew, and some I didn't, if anyone knew of a small workspace.

Storage of stuff.........
What I did was to beg storage space from several friends for a brutaly
reduced tool and material "stock". This was then divided up. So no one
person was overwhelmed by the amount. The throwing out of "It might be
useful one day" worked wonders, though it was a bit truamatic at times.
It is a big boarded up space with a small windowless office off on one side
of the space. The space itself is a bit damp and smelly, but will air out
eventualy. I will do an incense smudge and ask the bright spirits to bless
the place. And I will keep trying to clean it. The studio is within a
secure yard so it should be safe.
Tools are to be delived from friends this evening.
< Thinks )
I am not going into any detail about the W.C.outside in the yard, except to
say "YUK". I have cleaned it with bleach & other stuff, but think a flame
thrower would be a better bet!


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