Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday 22 working hard

I bought an electric jig-saw today and got the glass delivered , Luxury, I don't have to scrounge lifts from friends to go to the suppliers to collect material. There is a delivery charge of course, but the decrease in strss and embarresment is worth it.

So, I have been cutting out wooden shapes and painting everything white, including self. Weatherspoons is up the road and a major temptation. I had Chicken Tikka for lunch today with a half of Fosters. Big Mistake...I nearly fell asleep in the afternoon. So from now on its snacklettes & nibbles with a soft drink.

Feet and muscles gave up at four thirty so went home. I keep forgetting the f****ing toilet seat. I should buy a new one, but the one there is so sterilized now, I don't think I need worry.

Oh yes, the images.

Damn, the picture of the now nearly clean toilet went in the wrong place!!

Also shows a quarter of the junk heap.

I really need to find a way to publish the pictures in the right order
However, the images give an idea of the essential "studioness" of the place.
John upstairs says I should call it the "Artist Quarter" as I have a quarter of the compound / yard.

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