Sunday, 28 June 2009

After the preview

everything went well, with too much calorie rich food, which was a shame, cause' a lot of friends had worked hard on the nibbles front. I took home at the end, several unopened bottles of wine.
Shame that. I sold a small mirror and got a commission for one of my little shrines. And a commission to make a partner for it.
A lot of folk didn't turn up, so I guess the next time there will be a printed invite, which I really should have done, and although I bought two of the "disposable" cameras to record all of the events, I forgot to use them, and only too pictures pre-party of the mirrors. I blame the champagne. There was an impromtu magic show by a daughter of on of the guests, which was fun, althouge she was very nervouse, as was I when I put my hand in the "Magical guillotine".

Anyway, there was a lot of "networking" and gossip which is usual and a good time was had by all. Cleared up at nine and went home. Slept ten hours.
I am going to the studio in an hours to return the workshop to it's usual untidy layout and do a bit more before comming home early to work on a shrine. I may do some more as they were much admired.
I think I have made a very small loss, but there is a define promise comming from one of the guests of a show later on that will be paid for along with some decent premises.

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