Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday Morning

Just thought I would put up an image of what I do and why I needed a studio. The mirrors are carved wood and foils. I made this a few years ago, but, because of various upsets, was unable to continue making them. I only hope the galleries I supplied are

(1) still in business and

(2) Able to take and sell them.

I will have to wait until Monday to buy a belt sander, which next to the desk jig saw is the most important tool in the studio.


Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday 22 working hard

I bought an electric jig-saw today and got the glass delivered , Luxury, I don't have to scrounge lifts from friends to go to the suppliers to collect material. There is a delivery charge of course, but the decrease in strss and embarresment is worth it.

So, I have been cutting out wooden shapes and painting everything white, including self. Weatherspoons is up the road and a major temptation. I had Chicken Tikka for lunch today with a half of Fosters. Big Mistake...I nearly fell asleep in the afternoon. So from now on its snacklettes & nibbles with a soft drink.

Feet and muscles gave up at four thirty so went home. I keep forgetting the f****ing toilet seat. I should buy a new one, but the one there is so sterilized now, I don't think I need worry.

Oh yes, the images.

Damn, the picture of the now nearly clean toilet went in the wrong place!!

Also shows a quarter of the junk heap.

I really need to find a way to publish the pictures in the right order
However, the images give an idea of the essential "studioness" of the place.
John upstairs says I should call it the "Artist Quarter" as I have a quarter of the compound / yard.

Making and cleaning.

I spent a large portion of the day clearing a pile of rubbish from near the door to a more derelict part of the yard and got my first delivery of wood from the timber merchant. There is more grot to move and will think about getting and paying for a grot wagon to come, or a private company. The landlord is VERY absent and half of the buildings are not, as they say in the council "fit for use". There is a blocked gutter around the back and a small part of the wall inside is damp. Also the bog/toilet door is falling of. John who repairs TV's upstairs, says that there is a snowballs chance in hell of getting anything repaired or replaced, so I guess that's why this place is fairly inexpensive. I think I have a few years here before it falls down. I can't have the public in as it is so dangerous under-foot. Big depressions and cracks. llandudno was built on a sand spit between an island (The great Orm) and a small mountain on the mainland (The Little Orm), subsidence is the main headache with some older properties.
BUT, it does allow me a toe-hold on the ladder towards a better studio, if I can manage here for a few years.
Of to B&Q later to buy a Jig Saw and belt sander and toilet seat. I tried the Mega bleach, coat everthing and wait one hour. Wonderful! The damned thing now practicaly sparkles.

I am experimenting with a lage mouthed vacuum flask filled with home made soup. This may or may not be the way to go, but it will save money. May yet have to save up for stomach pump.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Finding the Foiled Again Studio

This is my first blog, so.......... here goes.
I have been looking for a place/studio to work for a long time to make my creations since I moved into my small, clean, neat, cheap flat. I found a light engineering unit that is big, filthy, untidy and not too expensive. I had some tools before the move, and these were dispersed around the land, in the care of friends before I left the mountain as I had little space in the flat to keep them. ( That IS another story. ) Tony my friend has been keeping my power tools safe, and these will be returned tomorrow. At last.

The studio is an old ground floor garage / workshop and small windowless office to one side in a secure yard . The whole place is somewhat derelict, but with electricity and running water, both from the tap, and down the walls. And is reached up a "street" which is really a small back of the houses lane where garbage bins jostle for space with each other. There is also an eccentric lady who throws her dog's turds over the wall into the lane. Here in the centre of Landudno, any workshop or light engineering space is as rare as hens teeth.
I have spent the last two days sweeping the rubbish out of the large room, and ordered the glass for the mirrors which be delivered, a real luxury as before I had to scrounge lifts to collect them as I cannot drive. I will walk over to the timber yard tomorrow, and get them delivered as well.
Foiled again starts officialy on June the first.
Memo to self... get insurance, tell power supplier, check rates, contact business advice.. etc.. etc..

The beginning of Foiled Again.

Well, this is the first ever blog I have done, so.........this was written yesterday.

The studio took a lot of asking around, both in Llandudno and Rhos on Sea, it was found by asking everybody I knew, and some I didn't, if anyone knew of a small workspace.

Storage of stuff.........
What I did was to beg storage space from several friends for a brutaly
reduced tool and material "stock". This was then divided up. So no one
person was overwhelmed by the amount. The throwing out of "It might be
useful one day" worked wonders, though it was a bit truamatic at times.
It is a big boarded up space with a small windowless office off on one side
of the space. The space itself is a bit damp and smelly, but will air out
eventualy. I will do an incense smudge and ask the bright spirits to bless
the place. And I will keep trying to clean it. The studio is within a
secure yard so it should be safe.
Tools are to be delived from friends this evening.
< Thinks )
I am not going into any detail about the W.C.outside in the yard, except to
say "YUK". I have cleaned it with bleach & other stuff, but think a flame
thrower would be a better bet!